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UV-sensitive resin for 3D printer.

DruckWege Resin Type D Gingiva is an epoxy resin which allows extreme bending and is therefore very flexible. The Gingiva version of our resin is a functional resin for use as gingival masks for modeling applications.


The given graph indicates exemplary exposure times on common DUP/LCD-LED 3D Printers.
Results may vary slightly on individual printer types.

DruckWege Resin Type D Gingiva is an epoxy-based resin for printing gingival masks, developed and designed for 3D printers with DLP / UV light sources used in dental laboratories. The resin is characterized by a very flexible material consistency, rubber-like and very soft surface haptics.

DruckWege Resin cures under UV light.

DruckWege Resin is compatible with:

● B9 Creator,
● 3D Facture Draken,
● YHD-101,
Wanhao D7 v3,
● Kudo3D,
● Atum3D,
Anycubic Photon,
● Gizmo,
● Monoprinter,
Phrozen Shuffle,
● Zortrax Inkspire
● and others.

Safety data sheets and technical data sheets are here.

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26 Items

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