Type D High Temp


UV-sensitive resin for 3D printers.

The material has been developed for use in higher temperature ranges. The polymerized resin can be used as a casting mould for silicones, plastics as well as low-melting metals.

Content: 500 grams


The given graph indicates exemplary exposure times on common DUP/LCD-LED 3D Printers.
Results may vary slightly on individual printer types.

Type D High Temp (HT) is an acrylate-based UV resin developed for functional prototyping applications. The DruckWege Type D HT is particularly suitable for use in high temperature environments such as mould casting. The high heat dissipation properties of the material clearly distinguish the functionality from other common resins.

Individual proofs by independent testers showed very good results for the casting of moulds with aluminium in negative moulds of models printed with Type D HT. 

Extremely low shrinkage. For prototyping such as moulded parts, prototypes for silicones or plastics.

  • Hardness D: 2453, 60 MPa
  • E-Modulus: 42,40 MPa

HDT following DIN EN ISO 75-1,-2,-3: 260°C

Bottle: UN-approval: UN 3H1/x1.9/250 Material: HDPE

Bottle as displayed may vary.

Color: purple

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32 Items

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