Type D Flex Resin


UV-sensitive resin for 3D printers.

The Type D Flex is our option for particularly flexible model parts with the functionality to allow elasticity. The Type D Flex has damping properties and has been developed as resin for functional prototypes. When polymerized, the material is suitable for applications where TPU-like flexibility is required

The material is particularly sharply contoured and is supplied in a black pigmented version.

Content: 500 grams


The given graph indicates exemplary exposure times on common DUP/LCD-LED 3D Printers.
Results may vary slightly on individual printer types.

Color of the resin is black. 

The resin has very low lap shear properties and high elongation. This allows the production of flexible objects that can be compressed or bent to a certain intensity.

When using the material, care must be taken to ensure that the objects and supporting structures are sufficiently solid, as models are extremely elastic after polymerisation, which influences the printing process.

Link to videos of printed models with Type D Flex.

This product has not been tested or approved for medical or pharmaceutical applications. The Type D Dental Model is designed for modeling only and is not intended for use inside the body or oral cavity.

DruckWege Resin is an acrylic based resin with industrial properties, developed and designed for 3D printers with DLP / UV light sources:

  • fast curing
  • high level of detail and sharp contours
  • smooth and dry object surface
  • low odour
  • Elongation at break is about 80%
  • E-Modulus: ca. 10 MPa
  • Shrinkage: approx. 2% +/- 1%
  • Bottle: UN approval: UN 3H1/X1.9/250 Material: HDPE
  • Bottle design may vary from the picture shown above.
  • DruckWege resin hardens under UV light (sensitive at 405nm).

DruckWege Resin cures under UV light. DruckWege Resin is compatible with:

  • Anycubic Photon,
  • Anycubic Photon S,
  • Anycubic Photon Zero,
  • Elegoo Mars and Mars Pro,
  • Creality  LD 002R,
  • Qiditech Shadow,
  • SLASH,
  • Gizmo,
  • Phrozen Shuffle,
  • Phozen Sonic,
  • Zortrax Inkspire,
  • Flashforge Hunter,
  • Epax X1,
  • B9 Creator,
  • 3D Facture Draken,
  • YHD-101,
  • Wanhao D7,
  • Kudo3D,
  • Atum3D,
  • Monoprinter,
  • and others.

Safety data sheets and technical data sheets are here.


Specific References


Specific References


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